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Kids Party Bus Rental Daytona Beach FL

Daytona Beach area evokes images of fun, frolic and excitement. As a result, it is one of the favorite holiday destinations for most families. When you are traveling with children, you wish to ensure that they have a good time. Often, rides around town can get boring and tedious for the young ones. If you wish to keep them entertained on the go, turn to us for party buses that are designed for children. You will certainly love the birthday party bus as well, the colorful interiors and graphics as well as live music and other forms of entertainment that we provide to keep your children occupied and happy on the run.

Daytona Beach Kids Party Buses

If you are wondering how the party buses for kids are different from those for adults, we have provided amenities and features that are kid friendly. We ensure the coaches are secure and safe for kids to travel, play around and have fun while the coaches are moving. With smooth rides around town, you and your children will not notice the hours that go by when riding on our special party bus coaches for children.

Kids Party Bus Daytona Beach Prices

Are you looking at kids party buses and wondering what rates we provide? Simply call us or drop us a line and we will get back to you with the details. You can find standard package deals or rates offered on our website. However, the rates vary as per the number of children you want to take on the ride, the distance you wish to cover or the duration of the ride. If you wish to take on standard package deals, it is easily done. Simply call us and confirm your booking. You can expect standard comfort and amenities for all party buses provided by our rental service.


Are you wondering how to entertain your kids when you visit Daytona Beach? This area has several popular attractions that you could visit with your kids:

  • Daytona Lagoon; this water park is a wonderful area with go karting and other fun activities.

  • Museum of arts and sciences; try this museum and visit it with your kids for an educational day out .

  • Daytona International Speedway; this is a famed motor racing destination and your kids will surely be thrilled to visit this racing venue.

  • Daytona beach; spend a day by the beach and have fun with your kids with several beach side activities.

  • Ocean center; if you wish to stay away from the sun, visit this center and enjoy the attractions that it has to offer.

Additional Transportation Services

You will surely find any kind of rental vehicle you are looking for to make your stay fun and exciting in Daytona Beach. With our premier rides you will surely enjoy a wonderful night out in town. Opt for our bulk limo deals when you need to get corporate executives a pickup or drop in luxury and comfort. We also offer premier party vehicles, limo coaches and wedding vintage cars that will suit any requirement or occasion you might be celebrating.