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Party bus rental options are available any day of the week. For pricing, reach out to our team. Party bus rentals are pefect for great for having fun with family and friends!

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Party Bus & Mini Bus Rentals

Party bus rentals are a great option for large groups. If you are looking to travel in style, comfort and luxury with your friends and family, party buses are the way to go. Party buses are safe and secure ways of getting around because they have many safety features and super luxurious and fun features. In addition to all these great benefits, party buses offer their passengers the opportunity to enjoy their time together without having to worry about driving or parking cars when they arrive at their destination. Make you trip the best by renting a party bus from us!

18 passenger party bus 18 passenger party bus interior
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Party Buses and Limousine Buses For Rent

Party buses and limousine buses are available for rent near me. Party buses and limousine buses are available to rent in Daytona Beach, Florida. You can rent party buses or limousine buses in Daytona Beach, Florida with us! Why not get the best of both worlds? Party bus rentals have the ability to bring you multiple people at once, while still offering you a comfortable ride. We offer an array of different party bus models, ranging from 20-person capacity to 40-person capacity. Our fleet also has options for smaller parties, such as 14 passenger vehicles or 12 passenger vehicles suited for more intimate gatherings. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of options we have available before making a final decision then feel free to contact us today!

Party Buses Near Me

If you're looking for party buses in Daytona Beach, be sure to call us. We offer party bus rentals in Daytona Beach, as well as in Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami. If you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party than we can help with that too! Call us today and let's get started making your next event great!

Why Choose Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental?

If you are looking for a great party bus rental, then look no further than Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental. We have the best party buses in Daytona Beach and our prices are second to none. IIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with any and all question and we will hook you up with the best rental out there.

Luxury Party Bus Options

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Perfect for: Corporate Events Weddings Airport Transfers Employee Shuttles Group Transportation
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Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental offers a variety of luxury party bus options that are perfect for your next event. Our 30-passenger Tiffany Party Bus, 40-passenger Grech Party Bus and 50-passenger LGE Limo Bus all come with amenities such as flat screen TVs and surround sound systems. The Tiffany Party Bus features an open bar with ice bucket, champagne glasses, wine opener and more! Our Sprinter Limo Rentals are also available to rent so you can travel in style on your next trip around town or out of state. We offer 10 passenger Executive Mercedes-Benz Sprinters as well as 14 Passenger Transit Buses for those special events where you need extra room for luggage!

30-Passenger Tiffany Party Bus

We have a 30-passenger Tiffany Party Bus. This is the largest party bus that we have, and it's perfect for large groups of people who want to travel in style and comfort. The capacity of this bus is 25 adults and five children or seniors. It comes with a sound system, three flat screen televisions, DVD player with surround sound stereo system and a cooling box for your beverages on those hot summer days. The price for this vehicle ranges depending on time of year and length of rental period chosen by you.

40 Passenger Party Bus

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The Grech Party Bus is a luxury limo bus that seats up to 40 passengers. It has a flat screen TV and a DVD player, so you can play movies on the big screen in back. The Grech Party Bus also has professional sound system and disco lights, allowing you to take advantage of the dance pole in this party bus. A full bar is available for your group’s convenience as well!

50 Passenger LGE Limo Bus

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The 50-passenger LGE Limo Bus is the perfect choice for you. With its massive size, seating capacity and spacious layout, it can accommodate up to 50 people and still leave plenty of room for luggage and other items. These vehicles are also designed with comfort in mind, so you can rest assured knowing that your guests will be comfortable throughout their ride.

Party Bus Pricing Explained

The pricing of a party bus rental depends on the size of the bus and number of hours you will be renting it for. For example, a 15-passenger party bus rental can cost anywhere between $750 and $2,750+ per day depending on how long you need it. If you only need a smaller vehicle like a 12-seat limo or SUV, then your hourly rate will be much lower than if you were renting out an 18-or 25-seat Hummer H2 limousine. All amenities should also be included in your price quote including complimentary sodas and ice as well as free WiFi access so that all passengers can stay connected throughout their trip!

Sprinter Limo Rentals

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We also offer the Sprinter Limo, which is our 14 or 15-passenger vans. These are ideal for smaller groups that want an upscale experience on a budget. The Van conversion includes all of your favorite amenities: leather seating, high-end audio systems with satellite radio and streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, DVD players with plenty of movies to choose from. We can even throw in some extra features like a bar or ice cream machine if you’re looking to make your trip more fun! Of course we don’t forget about our luxury options either! Our Mercedes Sprinter executive sedans have room for up to 10 passengers and come outfitted with all of the same amenities as our full-size buses (minus the space). One thing that sets these apart from other vehicles is their elegant styling; they look so good you might just want them for your everyday commute!

10 Passenger Executive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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The 10 Passenger Executive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the ultimate party bus. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most popular vehicles in Florida, as it can accommodate up to 10 passengers and has everything you need for a great night out on the town! It features a DVD player, WiFi, Bluetooth technology, climate control system with heated seats and air conditioning for your comfort on those hot summer days. The amenities include power windows/locks/mirrors and sunroofs as well so you don't have to worry about anything during your ride!

14 Passenger Transit Bus

A 14 passenger transit bus is a great option for large groups. This vehicle offers many features that are not available on other party buses, such as a slide out bar and cup holders, perfect for entertaining your guests during the ride! The 14 passenger party bus features seats that recline, so you can make yourself comfortable while riding around town. The available options for the 14 passenger transit bus include:

  • Seating capacity of up to 16 passengers
  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite radio (requires subscription)
  • DVD player with wireless headphones (available upon request)
15-Passenger Limo Sprinter Vans

15-passenger limo sprinter vans are perfect for large groups. There’s plenty of space to spread out, and the extra room allows you to bring all your luggage with you on the bus. If you have a lot of stuff, we recommend a 15-passenger van instead of our smaller 12 passenger or 14 passenger party buses. It will make your trip much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Limo Sprinter Pricing Explained

The most common question we get from customers is how much does a limo bus cost? This can be answered in two parts, but it’s important to note that the price will never be the same for two different people or for two different vehicles. The first factor is what kind of limo you choose. Some of our clients choose a town car or SUV limo, which typically has seating for 4 to 6 people and costs $89-189 per hour. The next level up is a sedan limos, which can seat 6 to 8 passengers and costs $98-198 per hour. If you want something with more space and comfort than the other options, then you may prefer one of our SUVs: The Navigator or Escalade ESV at $110-210 per hour; The Hummer H2 at $124-250/hour; The Excursion (the largest vehicle on our fleet) at $125-250/hour; And finally – if you really want everything – renting out our Party Bus (which seats up to 40 people) will cost around $128-300/hr!

First Class Service

You can expect only the best from Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental. We offer a wide range of party buses to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Whether you want something spacious and luxurious or more fun and casual, we have everything you need. If you are looking for an affordable way to get around town with friends on your special day, look no further than our party bus rentals! We have a variety of options available at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy themselves without breaking their budget. Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental has been in business and has been providing customers with high-quality service ever since then. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service along with reliable transportation services for all of our clients’ needs in the Daytona Beach area; whether it’s renting out one of our many luxurious vehicles or having one customized just for them!

Executive Party Bus Rentals

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If you are looking for the most luxurious and elegant party bus rental in Daytona Beach, then look no further than Executive Party Bus Rentals. We offer 24 passenger and 35 passenger black party buses along with our 38 passenger white limo bus to meet all of your transportation needs. All of our vehicles are completely stocked with all of the amenities that you would expect from a top notch company like ours including flat screen televisions, WiFi, comfortable seating and heat or air conditioning depending on what time of year it is.

24 Passenger Executive Party Bus

If you're looking for a party bus that can accommodate 12 passengers in the back and another 12 in the front, then look no further than our 24 passenger executive party bus. In addition to having enough room to seat everyone comfortably, we also have an on-board restroom and bar. A DVD player is included so you can watch movies on your trip between destinations and enjoy some fun snacks from our snack bar. For parties that want the best possible experience when traveling around Daytona Beach, you can't go wrong with this model.

35 Passenger Black Party Bus

The 35 passenger black party bus is one of our most popular party buses for rent in Daytona Beach and all of the surrounding areas. This luxury vehicle features a large interior with an open floor plan so that you can bring as many people as you want with you on your next trip.

38 Passenger White Limo Bus

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The 38 passenger white limo bus is a great choice if you are looking to make an impression. Our large party bus rental in Daytona Beach, FL comes with plenty of space and amenities to ensure your passengers have a memorable experience. The 38 passenger white limo bus is one of our most popular party buses because of its size and style. This party bus rental in Daytona Beach, FL features dual staircases for easy entry and exit, plus plenty of room inside for your guests to relax comfortably during their ride. The built-in bar allows you to serve drinks as soon as your passengers step inside, making it ideal for weddings or other special events.

Executive Party Bus Prices Explained

The pricing for our party buses is based on the size of the bus, how long you need to use it, an how many people will be on board. The number of hours you rent a bus for is determined by how long you want to go cruising with your friends. You should also consider how many stops you will make during your trip. For example: If we were going out to party in downtown Daytona Beach and we wanted to get there quickly, so we wouldn't miss any of the action at our favorite club or bar, then we would need an executive-sized bus with extra large doors—like our Mercedes Sprinter 3500L Executive Party Buses. These would let us load up quickly and safely because they are bigger than other types of executive buses that don’t have such large exit openings like ours do!

Services We Offer

The party bus rentals from Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental are the best solution for you. We provide you with a wide range of services such as:

Airport Transportation and Transfer Buses For Rent

When it comes to picking up or dropping off your passengers, we offer the best service. We’ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your destination if that’s what you need. With our transfer services, we can take care of all aspects of traveling for your group so there’s no need for anyone to worry about getting lost or having any trouble with their luggage or anything else during their travels. We also offer shuttle services for groups who want to see more of Daytona Beach but don't want to rent a party bus. If this sounds like something that would suit your needs perfectly, then please get in touch!

Bus Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation is very important to brides and grooms. After all, you don’t want to worry about whether the guests are going to get back safely after the wedding ceremony and reception. It’s also important that your wedding party enjoys themselves, especially on the way there. You need to make sure that they have fun as well! So what are some of our most popular venues in Daytona Beach? Well, we have a lot of great ones! We have several hotels. If you have any other questions about choosing a venue for your event then feel free to contact us today by filling out our online form.

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

Coach buses are ideal for transporting sports teams. They provide a spacious, comfortable environment that is safe and secure. Sports teams can travel together in comfort on their way to games or tournaments, and they'll be able to stay focused on their game plan throughout the ride. For example, let's say you're planning a trip with your basketball team so that you can compete at the state finals. You've hired Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental to drive your team members from Florida to Georgia for the event!!!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

School buses are a great way to transport students to and from school. School buses are also used for field trips, sporting events, and special events. School buses have plenty of room for passengers and their belongings. They also have air conditioning which keeps everyone cool during the hot summer months.

Book Corporate Travel Party Buses

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A Corporate Travel Party Bus is a vehicle that allows you to travel in style. It's also called a limousine or party bus, and it's the perfect way to get from point A to point B with your colleagues or friends.

To book one, you will want to call us

You can expect an amazing experience on this kind of party bus!

If you're planning an event, there's no better way to get around than in a limo bus. In fact, this type of transportation is one of the most popular options for groups looking for safe, comfortable transportation during their special night out. You can book our DJs or rent our buses by themselves, but why bother? We've found that it's much easier to combine them into one package! That way all your guests can enjoy their rides together on our spacious party buses and get dropped off at the same place at once. And we'll even throw in some champagne so everyone feels like royalty when they arrive at their destination!

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Party Buses

Greek events are fun, but they can be hard to plan. You need to plan your transportation and accommodations, especially if you're traveling a long distance. You also have to take into account the entertainment, food and activities that will make your guests happy. Finally, there's security—you don't want anyone getting hurt or leaving with anything that isn't theirs! You can easily handle all these problems by using party bus rentals in Daytona Beach. We offer a variety of buses with different capacities and features so you'll always find the right vehicle for your group size and budget. We even offer limo service packages if you want something fancier than a standard coach bus!

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

A good homecoming party can provide an opportunity for parents and students to have fun while they support their school. Many schools use homecoming as an excuse for alumni to return and reminisce about their own days on campus. This provides opportunities for networking between alumni and current students, as well as for older citizens in the area who may have ties with the school. If you have any friends that graduated from your son or daughter's school, it would be nice if they could come along on your trip too! A party bus rental allows them all plenty of room so everyone can ride comfortably together without feeling cramped like they might be if all these people were crammed into regular vehicles instead of having ample space available inside our fleet's luxury buses.

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

Pub Crawl Minibuses are great for large groups. Whether you are planning a bachelor party, a group of friends, or even a family reunion, these buses will provide you with the comfort and convenience that you need. They also work well for corporate events as well as sporting events.

Wine Tour Party Bus Trips

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Wine tours are a great way to enjoy the beauty of Florida and learn about its history. If you live in Daytona Beach, we recommend taking a wine tour bus. The bus can hold up to 50 people and will pick you up from your home or hotel. You should consider bringing some snacks along for the ride!

Steps To Rent Your Bus
  • Renting a party bus is easy. If you are in the market for a party bus rental, Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental will provide you with all of the necessary information to make your decision and get on the road in no time.
  • Call us or fill out our online form and we will provide you with a quote.
  • We will also provide you with a contract, any additional paperwork that may be required by your state or city, confirmation of your reservation and vehicle details, as well as driver contact information.
  • When it’s time for your ride to come pick you up from home or work – rest assured that he/she will show up on time (or early) every single time!
Popular Cities in Florida

Our Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental is a one-stop shop for all your transportation needs. We are proud to offer party bus rentals, limo services, and airport transfers. Our fleet includes a variety of vehicles that range from luxury buses to limousines. We also offer exotic cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris to help you make an impression at your next event! Whether you’re planning on visiting popular cities or smaller destinations in Florida, we can help you get there safely and comfortably. Here are some of our most popular cities:

  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • St. Augustine
  • Pensacola
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Key West
  • Ft. Myers
  • Cape Coral, etc

Travel Destinations in Florida

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of the best places to vacation in Florida. It's also the most visited vacation destination in America, and it's home to the world's most visited amusement park. Walt Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, which makes it easy for travelers from all over the world to visit.

Everglades National Park

Located in southern Florida, Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. As a national park, it offers visitors countless opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration. With over 1 million acres of diverse landscape to explore, there is no shortage of things to do within Everglades National Park.

Kennedy Space Center

If you are interested in space, then the Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit location. The best part about this park is that there is so much history and science to learn about. It’s great for all ages! There are many exhibits to help you understand what it was like during the space race and how we got to where we are today. There are also some fun activities, such as seeing real rockets or launching an astronaut from a simulated rocket launch pad!

Florida Sports teams

You can find many of the state's professional sports teams in Florida. The Florida Panthers play ice hockey, and their home arena is the BB&T Center in Sunrise. If you'd rather watch baseball, head to Tropicana Field in St Petersburg to see the Tampa Bay Rays battle it out with other Major League Baseball teams. In Orlando, you'll find plenty of options for watching your favorite college team play games on the football field or basketball court: University of Florida Gators (Gainesville), University of Miami Hurricanes (Miami), Florida State Seminoles (Tallahassee) and University of Central Florida Knights (Orlando). If soccer is more your speed, there are plenty of MLS teams to choose from throughout Florida including Orlando City SC and Tampa Bay Rowdies who compete against each other at Al Lang Stadium!

Florida Football Teams

Florida's professional football teams are the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Orlando Magic. The state is also home to MLB teams like the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers that play in Miami. If you're looking for college football action in Florida then you've come to the right place! With teams like Florida State Seminoles and University of Central Florida Knights playing at home stadiums across campus (and sometimes outside) there's always something exciting happening on game day. But don't forget about other sports like auto racing or soccer too! In fact if it's not covered here then feel free to contact us with your questions about how best to spend time in this beautiful state while they're still available!

Theme Parks

If you're looking for a theme park experience, there are a few choices in Florida. You can choose from Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens and Gatorland. If you want to stay on the resort side of things (and get some relaxation while you're at it), try Discovery Cove or Aquatica. If the family wants their own adventure together with some pool time thrown in, consider visiting Legoland or going to Orlando Science Center. For an art lover's day trip away from home base in Florida City Beach FL: Orlando Museum of Art or Omega Institute of Holistic Studies offer great options to explore!

Airports We Service in Florida

If you are in need of transportation to the airport and want the best service around, look no further than Daytona Beach Party Bus Rental. We provide airport services to all major airports in Florida including Orlando International Airport (MCO), Miami International Airport (MIA), and Tampa International Airport (TPA).


Pricing chart
Vehicle Vehicle Rental Pricing
6 Passenger Limo $110-$145 hourly*
8 Passenger Limo $120-$155 hourly*
12 Passenger Limo $125-$165 hourly*
18 Passenger Minibus $140-$170 hourly*
20 Passenger Party Bus $150-$200 hourly*
25 Passenger Party Bus $160-$220 hourly*
30 Passenger Party Bus $180-$260 hourly*
30 Passenger School Bus $145-$240 hourly*
50 Passenger Coach Bus $150-$240 hourly*
56 Passenger Charter Bus $150-$260 hourly*

*Price vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.

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Airport Transportation

Traveling via airport? Our Airport Transportation services are perfect for executives, or large groups. Selections include limos, or vans and sprinter buses.

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